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Karla Briones Consulting

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Karla Briones is an Ottawa-area serial Immpreneur with a passion to encourage and support others to achieve business success.

Karla Briones Consulting

Karla Briones is an Ottawa-area serial Immpreneur with a passion to encourage and support others to achieve business success.


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Whether you are just thinking about starting a business or are already successful, you will find a plethora of knowledge here.

Taking the Holy S***t Out of Writing a Business Plan

The year comes to an end and that pesky little business plan is still a blank screen on your computer with a lonely blinking cursor? You’re not alone. A business plan is the single, most important document needed to access financing (the second one is your pitch...

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How to Create a Great Business Pitch

My cell phone rang last week with an urgent call: "Karla, would it be possible for you to deliver a half-day presentation on "How To Create A Business Pitch" to a group of 12 aspiring newcomer entrepreneurs? "Absolutely!" I replied. I recently came back from a...

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New Canadian Entrepreneur Podcast

Immpreneur Canada features stories from successful immigrant entrepreneurs.

Barbra Nwoye

Karla really helped me to get direction in developing my business which gave me a lot of confidence and more clarity moving forward. She is an amazing coach, very friendly, approachable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her services!

Thank you Karla!

Houda Amine
“I recommend the services of Mrs. Karla Briones, she supported me from A to Z, and was always listening to me, quick in her answers, I liked her professionalism and her sympathy!”
Roxana Castro
“If you are looking for someone who can help you on your business dream come true, I highly recommend Karla’s coaching services. She has help me on my business and gave me important information about it.”
Judith Dardon

“Karla’s knowledge and expertise is beyond limits. Your input and insights opened the door to new opportunities in my professional career. Thank you!

“Great presentation, excellent summary of what to be aware of, without overwhelming the audience. I would recommend it – looking forward to attending the future ones.”
Jennifer Fieldhouse, ALGONQUIN COLLEGE
“Karla Briones gave an engaging and informative presentation on Setting up your Business in Canada to my Business English class. She was able to provide timely information for my students, many of whom are considering opening small businesses in the future. Karla shared her experiences as an immigrant business owner, providing tips to help newcomers successfully navigate the bureaucratic hurdles in the Canadian business landscape. My students were inspired by Karla’s talk and discussed how they feel more prepared to begin the development of their own entrepreneurial dreams.”

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