When I started my businesses in Canada ten years ago I felt like I was running a marathon in the dark. Some days I would bump myself with obstacles, other days I would bruise and most days I would fall. And then I would stand up, refocus and do it all over again. Starting a business as a newcomer was not easy – far from it – back then I had no business network, no contacts and felt overwhelmed with what to do first and what to do next. I felt like I could’ve used a checklist or a map of some sort so I knew I was doing things in order.

The past few days I thought about my struggles as a newcomer entrepreneur and decided I wanted you to NEVER feel like you are running in the dark, getting bruised and bumping into things. I want to make sure that if you are in the process of starting your business that you at least have a checklist that will guide you through the process of opening a business in Canada.

I never, ever, ever (ever) want you to feel like you are hanging off a cliff not knowing what to do next. That’s why I have created the freebie Starting Your Business in Canada Checklist. Download it, print it and use it as your guide. If you have someone else (a family member or a friend), please share this with them if you think it will help them too. I know this is something I would have appreciated getting from someone back in the day. If you already have a business, it is a good benchmark to make sure you have checked off all the boxes and your business is set up with a strong foundation.

I am very excited about this tool and I wholeheartedly hope it helps you or someone you know. Going from immigrant to entrepreneur should be an enjoyable journey.

To make the journey even more enjoyable, planning your days to tackle that checklist will be super helpful.

Let me know if this checklist is useful – if you think I have missed something, I’m all ears!